hai! let’s start from preface.

first of all, i’d like to thanks to all of my inspiring people that will fill up my Blog for the next days or maybe years. i write everything about them because, i want to deliver and express what they (red:the inspired people) have done for another people or maybe a great thing they’ve done. It’s not easy to decide who’ll be the first people i’ll post, but the choice fell on Mr. Shomei Yokouchi, the Governer of Yamanashi Prefecture who has give Presentation Lecture that i’m going to tell you more on the first post.

secondly, i’m so sorry for mistakes i probably did during the posting process. Then feel free to  give me some critics, opinions, questions or anything, so i’ll still be able to update, improvise, learn and change into a better way. Then, sorry if i made grammar mistakes, i just trying to be someone who isn’t afraid for any mistake.

so, i hope you’ll enjoy my blog!! Have a great day!

#EveryGreatJournalistWasFirstAnAmateur – Ralph Waldo Emerson


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