My Most Favorite Fashion Games

hi Reader!

Today i want to telling you about 2 of my favorite fashion games.
If you’re a fashion lovers, then you should to know or even love Looklet website so much??? right?
yes!.in last 2 years ago was maintained, based on information i’ve found, looklet site was maintained cause there’s alteration of ownership.
and yesterday, somehow i just reckoned back with looklet and tried to open the site, and woowww… there’re some changes on the site and change become by which on process to rebuilt the site and make a new software.Looklet’s feature will be release on February 2014. So, for you who hunger for styling and express your creativity, just wait on February! there’re will be another surprise special for you!

Then, i want to offer you to play Polyvore, you’ll be feel like a magazine creator! i really enjoy to play it! check on and follow me on dittafelicaca =) thankyou!


appearance of Looklet Site


The result after designing on polyvore =)


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