My 19th Birthday

The day before yesterday, exactly on 15th January 2014 was my 19th birthday. Although there’s not any special thing, but i’m very very happy and thankful for everything i had. On my 18, i’ve already through the fear, obstacles, sadness also happiness and my succeed. So thankful because i still alive till i write down this happiness, and the God gave me the most priceless things, My family and my friend. They love me so much and i love so. That’s why i want to celebrate my birthday just with them. =). 

as usual, 2 of my bestiest came to my house and gave me a little surprise which not made me surprised at all. haha, they gave me a little birthday cake with chocolate sprinkles and six candles on the top, they sang me a birthday song with their happiest smile and asked me to make a wish. After that, they gave me a gift which it was a rock! and fyuhhh it just a trick. Then they gave me the real gift, and…… it’s a Frame with their photos on it. Thank you so much!

Then we celebrate my birthday at Bamboo Dimsum, a small restaurant that serves many dimsum menu and we can eat them all in one price. And in 2 hours we spent about 30 portions! hahahaha you can imagine how big our stomach was.


Happy birthday from GOOGLE


we’re in Bamboo Dimsum


Happy Birthday from Asri’s little brother


Make A Wish.. i wish………


Two of my bestiest, Asoka Bagaswari and Asri Widyastuti


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