Karl Lagerfeld


well, if you’re a fashionista, obviously you know Karl Lagerfeld as a creative designer of Chanel and the owner of line by his name.
He was born in Hamburg, Germany, 1993. Actually he was never revealed his birthday, seems like a misterious man, right? hahaha. And actually his full name is Karl Otto lagerfeldt and called by kaiser karl. Karl was born from rich family where his father was an entrepeneur and his mother was a violin player. But when Hitler ruled in 1930, his family moved to a rural area in germany. From an early age, Lagerfeld expressed an interest in design and fashion. As a child he often cut out pictures from fashion magazines. He was also known to be critical of what others wore to school. But it wasn’t until his teen years, after his family had returned to Hamburg, that Legerfeld immersed himself in the world of high fashion.
Career Beginnings

Sensing his future lay elsewhere, 14-year-old Lagerfeld made the bold decision, with the blessing of his parents, to move to Paris. He’d been there just two years when he submitted a series of sketches and fabric samples to a design competition. He ended up taking first place in the coat category and meeting another winner, Yves Saint Laurent, who would become a close friend. Soon, Lagerfeld had full time work with French designer Pierre Balmain, first as a junior assistant, and later as an apprentice. It was a demanding position, and the young designer remained in it for three years. He took work as a creative director with another fashion house before finally, in 1961, striking out on his own.

By the 1980s, Karl Lagerfeld was a major star in the fashion world. He was a favorite among the press, who loved to chronicle his changing tastes and social life. Lagerfeld kept company with other major stars, including his good friend Andy Warhol.
At Chanel in the early 1980s he did what few thought possible: He returned what was perceived to be a near-dead brand back to life with a revamped popular ready-to-wear lineup
In 2011 he designed a line of glassware for the Swedish company Orrefors. That same year, he signed on to create a new clothing collection for Macy’s.

Says Lagerfeld, “What I enjoy most is doing something I’ve never done before.”

source : http://www.biography.com/people/karl-lagerfeld-9371367?page=1
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